The full scope of our wide range creative and visual productions services includes:


  • Concept development
  • 3D/2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics

  • Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • User Interface

  • Architectural visualization
  • Product visualization
  • Interactive applications
Post production

  • Offline editing
  • Online editing
  • Color grading
  • Visual effects
Visitor centers

  • Multi screen video projections
  • Interactive applications
  • Exhibitions booth content

Animated Corporate and branding films

Whether it’s an animated movie or a live action fiction film, we will develop the concept that will meet your product and your brand needs. Great and efficient movie starts with deep understanding of the message your brand wants to communicate to your potential audience. Together, we will build up this communication by using a fresh storytelling, unique visual style, cutting edge animations and visual effects. We are a one stop shop for the visual solution, starting from an idea and ending up with the final and polished product.

Animation and visual effects

Rubicon studio specializes in taking imagination and storytelling to the next level. Whether its 3D and Live action integration, a full computer generated animation film, on screen animated graphics or finishing up with stylized color grading for your edited film, we have a highly trained crew to deliver you a world class visual standards that will leave great impression on the viewer.

Video projections

If you are seeking for none standard media display or a unique and fresh visual attraction for your visitor center or an exhibition, you are in right place. Our rich experience in developing and producing special design and animation content for video projection based projects and cutting edge multi screen displays, will give you the benefit of being able to draw positive attention and amaze the audience with tailor made and none standard visual experience, using the newest and cutting edge technologies available in the market.

High End Visualization

The value of being able to see the product before its production starts is tremendous. Be that new watch model, an architectural construction or fictional visual content. We can help you bring your vision to life with the help of realistic computer rendering for your product, working from concept designs supplied by you or taking the concept design development into our hands, while giving you the power to experiment with design choices for your product before moving to actual production, saving time, energy and money.

Interactive Simulator

The interactive simulator is the newest innovation in the real estate field. It allows the customer to tour your real estate structure even before the building site was cleared and the actual construction work began. The advantage of the simulator over the standard visualization methods is the ability to explore the project and many of its potential designs, features and construction options, without the need to visit the building site, or even leave home. The client can download the file and explore the project on his computer at his own pace and free time.

The Interactive Simulator is not limited to real estate field, however, and can be used in many other areas such as recreation of historical sites in all their original glory, giving the user a rare opportunity to explore these long gone locations, something not feasible in any other way, or interactive product visualization, where the user can view the product from each and every possible angle as well as learn about its functionality.

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